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It is impossible to eliminate algae altogether

It is impossible to eliminate algae altogether, and you should not be frustrated by the persistent nature of algae to accumulate. What you can do is control the condition under which plant life and fish thrives and algae does not. First, how much light are you allowing into your tank area? If you have light for more than ten hours a day, you are assisting algae grow in your tank, so don't keep the lights on 24-7. You can purchase algae eating fish if that would fit with your aquarium's motif. Some fish types that consume algae are three breeds of suckermouth catfish, the Ancistrus, Peckoltia, and Otocinlus. In addition, the Siamese Algae Eater, Crossocheilus siamensis is a great choice for controlling the algae in your tank. If you have a large tank, then the Common Plec is a good choice as well. But they are aggressive fish and do grow to huge size. Saltwater fish that are excellent for algae consumption are most tangs/surgeon fish, or any grazer.

The next step in controlling algae is to consistently change the water itself. By doing this, you are controlling the nutrient levels in the tank, which is crucial. Controlling nitrates, phosphates, and silicates are especially important. Another thing to look for is how you are controlling the iron in the tank. You can include different kinds of plants in your setup so they will compete for iron and other nutrients algae feeds off of in order to how a low opportunity for algae to survive.

Your first battle is likely to be with brown algae, or diatoms, because it appears first by siphoning silicon from the new aquarium tank itself, and unlike other stages of algae, it is unaffected by low lighting levels, so controlling light will not stop it from thriving. You can effectively combat it by changing water and gravel often. Diatoms thrive in conditions where phosphate is low and silicon is high, and this is generally what your scenario will be when you first start your aquarium. As time progresses and the environment changes, brown algae is usually replaced by green algae, because green algae thrives in a higher phosphate environment.

Green algae is apparently delicious and the best way to get rid of it is to bring in those algae eating catish and/or Siamese. Combined with keeping your aquarium only lit for a maximum of ten hours a day and simple manual removal of clumps of green algae, you can control what is typically the most usual and common algae growth in your aquarium.

Red Algae, or Brush, is a real problem because it is difficult to remove manually and most fish won't eat it. Take care of this pesky nuisance by changing your water to RO/DI water and let your Siamese fish tackle it.

Blue Algae, or Cynobacteria, have photosynthesis, meaning the more light, the more it thrives. It is extremely harmful to both plants, by smothering, and fish, by poisoning. Treat your aquarium with erythromycin but be sure you know what you are doing, as you will need to check for ammonia and nitrate.,-ltd./


Many people have a constant and automatic backdrop

Many people have a constant and automatic backdrop of negative thoughts going through their minds. Their negative thoughts play a key role in the negative results they achieve in their lives. However, sometimes they don't even realise their thoughts are so negative. It takes someone else to draw their attention to their negative speech - a symptom of their negative thoughts. People often ask how is it possible to stop your negative thoughts? The answer is simple but it does require persistence particularly in a climate - economic and otherwise - where negative energy abounds.

Think of an intrepid explorer entering a cave. It is pitch-black, cold, dank and ominous. Initially, he strikes a match which provides a bright spark of illumination but it is quickly extinguished. He then lights the end of a stick, the end of which is covered in strips of cloth that have been soaked in fuel and lights this.

This provides greater illumination and he can see that along the walls of the cave are numerous lamps. He starts to light these lamps and as more lamps are lit the darkness within the cave is diminished. Then his companions, from whom he was momentarily separated, bring light as well and soon the cave is flooded. With light and the explorer can see that the cave is no longer a place to fear. In fact, he can now see many wonderful treasures in the cave that were hidden in the darkness.

In this analogy the light represents your positive thoughts and the darkness your negative thoughts. The more positive thoughts you introduce into your mind the less room there will be for negative thoughts. However, just as the cave would be plunged back into darkness should the lights within go out the same thing will happen to your mind. So you have to keep reinforcing the positive thoughts.

Also when you maintain a positive outlook on life you no longer view the world as a harsh place. You are more aware of the good that surrounds you. In addition you are better equipped to deal with any challenges that life throws your way.

The individuals who brought additional light into the cave can be likened to your teachers, mentors and coaches. In fact, they represent anyone with a positive energy who is supportive and helps you to develop into your best self. We all need such individuals in our lives and you too can become such an individual to another.

So to stop your negative thoughts you simply have to introduce positive thoughts. Remember the mind can only think about one thing at a time. So at any point in time you're either thinking positive or you're thinking negative. When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts you can use a pattern interrupt technique.

For instance, some folks like to say out loud to themselves "CANCEL!" and at times when this may not be appropriate you can empathetically say a silent "CANCEL!" to yourself. Another technique is to wear a rubber band and to snap it against your skin when you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts.

However, remember that you have to be persistent. Just as if the lamps in the cave were to be extinguished the cave would be plunged into darkness then if you stop feeding your mind positive thoughts then you'll simply succumb to the adverse effects of your negative thoughts.

A regular diet of positive thoughts will also help to safeguard you against all the negative thoughts and energy that exist in the world. You can't help but be exposed to this negative energy but you can effectively shield your mind from it by building your own positive energy through positive thinking. In addition, when you cultivate positive thoughts you'll start to vibrate on a higher frequency and you'll start to attract like-minded individuals - individuals set on achieving success in life.

Install deadbolts on all your exterior doors

Every year, burglars hit more than five million households, stealing more than $4 billion worth of
property. Determined thieves can break into just about any home, but you can take steps to make entry a lot more difficult for them.

Install deadbolts on all your exterior doors. Deadbolt locks offer the best protection for the smallest amount amount of money. Everyday spring-operated locks can be overcome with a credit card. Trespassers can't slip a deadbolt lock because it has a rock-hard metal bar that fits into the door jamb. To be effective, a deadbolt lock ought to have at least a one-inch throw (meaning the metal bolt expands at a minimum of an inch past the edge of the door).

Doors with glass panes present a particular security problem because a thief can smash the pane, reach inside and unlock the door. If state or local laws permit, the solution is a double-cylinder lock-one that must be opened with a key from inside as well as out. Read carefully about keeping a key close by.  But don't beat the purpose by getting into the routine of leaving the key in the lock on the inside. It is easy to do but not a good ideal.  To exit quickly in case of a fire outbreaks, keep the key next to the door but in an area that can't be reached from outside. You might want to hang it on a nail near the door where you can find it easily.

Don't cut corners, buy a quality door. Door security starts not with a high-quality lock but with the door itself and the frame it fits into. We have all heard of home invasion where the doors are kicked in.  Well, weak door assemblies can be kicked in with a single kick or even removed from the wall. Sturdy exterior doors have solid, not hollow, cores.  Doors that are covered in metal are even better.

When trying to protect your home, don't forget the windows. All sliding doors, such as patio doors and windows should be secured. Look for the specially made window locks. You also can use this low tech method to secure a sliding glass patio door with a broomstick or piece of 1" x 2" lumber laid in the door track when the door is closed.  It ain't pretty, but it really works.

Thieves love the darkness so make sure you leave some lights on. Exterior flood lights reduce your threat of being burglarized by illuminating the exterior of your home at night. You can choose from lights that stay on all night (uses more electricity) or motion-sensitive lights that come on only when someone come nears your home. Motion-sensitive lights save energy and could catch a would-be thief by surprise.  The sudden light coming on has been known to have the would be thief high tailing it away. 

This is my wife's favorite was giving impression someone is home plus not having a dark house to come home to.  Timers on the inside gives the impression that someone is home.  If you're on vacation, out to dinner or visiting the neighbors they are perfect to use.,-Ltd.&Location=Chuadanga,+ltd..html


You can and should expect to keep your fat percentage

There's no doubt about the fact that the body changes as we age and fat is stored in places that we didn't have to worry about when we were younger. The metabolism slows and the digestive system doesn't work as well as it once did. Hormonal changes in the body can also affect the shape that you are in but there is one thing that always remains the same at all ages - If you eat too much food and drink too much alcohol you will gain weight.
Many people use their age as an excuse for being over weight but this is not acceptable. Consider how many elderly people there are who are still slim, fit and healthy and you will see that age is not an excuse. Lifestyles create the body we have to live with and the effects of poor lifestyle choices are multiplied as we age because the abuse that we have been giving our body through poor food choices throughout our life accumulates with fat and other health related problems due to poor nutrition.
You can and should expect to keep your fat percentage at an optimum level throughout your life. The health benefits from doing so will pay dividends with a better quality of life and reduced dependence on medication and other health related expenditure as you age. At any stage in your life, no matter how old you are you can benefit from improved nutrition and exercise.

Anything that will reduce the excess levels in your body fat will assist in helping you to live longer and to enjoy that time more. Starting on an exercise program and taking care to improve your nutrition is the best way to turn back the body clock and it is never too late to start winding back the years. Obviously the sooner you start the better but starting is the essential ingredient that you need right now.


You can lose weight quickly

You can lose weight quickly. You can shed fat from your belly and under your arms with rigorous but smart exercise. You can get a lean, athletic build. You can even show off your muscles by losing that pesky layer of fat that obscures your tone and definition. It is not a matter of training for hours on end every day. It is a matter of making every minute of your exercise as efficient as possible. When training your heart while shooting for fast calorie loss, interval based cardio training is the key.

Low Intensity Vs. High Intensity Cardio Training
There are two camps when it comes to cardio training; one buys into the low intensity philosophy. They say, walk, don't run. The high intensity people, on the other hand, say run, don't walk. Lets explore both arguments.

It is true that, during low intensity cardio exercise, such as walking or light biking, more calories are burned directly from fat. The only problem is, with low intensity cardiovascular exercise, your overall calorie burn isn't enough to truly make a difference in your overall weight loss and body fat reduction.

High intensity cardio training, on the other hand, burns many more calories in a much shorter time period. Some fitness enthusiasts take this to the extreme by pushing themselves as fast and as far as they possibly can. A competitive athlete might sprint flat out for as long as possible, increasing his or her distance and time on the track with every workout. This method works well for some, but is not practical for all.

Tools For Effective Interval Based Cardio Training
Interval based cardiovascular training is a more sensible method of burning a high volume of calories in a short time period. To train with cardio intervals, you will need two things: a heart rate monitor and your maximum heart rate (MHR). Your MHR relates to your age and sex. You can get your MHR by using the following calculations:

For men: MHR = 202 - (.55 x age)
For women: MHR = 216 - (1.09 x age)

These calculations are the results of research conducted at John Moores University in Liverpool in 2007. Research results were reported in the Int J Sports Med 2007; 24.

To practice, lets calculate the MHR for both a 36-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman.

A 36-year-old man calculates his MHR with this equation: 202 - (.55 x 36) = 182.

A 28-year-old-woman calculates her MHR with this equation: 216 - (1.09 x 28) = 185.

Once you have calculated your MHR, you will need a heart rate monitor. You can purchase an inexpensive model from any sporting goods store or from an online vendor. With all the right tools in place, you are ready to workout using interval based cardiovascular training.

Using Interval Based Cardio Training
Any cardiovascular exercise will do. You can run, speed-walk, bike, stair-step, work on an elliptical, jump rope, or any other from cardio exercise. High impact cardio exercise such as running can be harmful on the ankles and knees over time. You might consider using low impact exercises like biking or elliptical to guard against unnecessary wear and tear on the body.

Interval based cardio training breaks your workout into sections (intervals) of time. These intervals alternate between low intensity and high intensity. Your heart rate during exercise acts as a guide to tell you when to switch from low intensity to high intensity mode or from high intensity back to low intensity mode. To exercise using interval based cardio training, follow the eight steps below:

1. Put on your heart rate monitor and begin exercise. Start with one to two minutes of exercise at a light, warm up speed.

2. After a short warm up, kick it in gear. Push yourself as hard as you can. Keep an eye on your heart monitor. Your goal is to hit around 80% of your MHR. If you MHR is 185, you should shoot for 148 to 160 or so.

3. Once you hit 80% of your MHR, maintain your current intensity/speed to keep your heart rate at 80% of your MHR for one minute.

4. At the one-minute mark, drop the intensity of your exercise. Your goal is to drop your heart rate by twenty beats per minute. If, during your high intensity interval, you kept your heart rate at 148 (80% of your MHR), you should shoot for a heart rate at around 128 during your low intensity interval.

5. Maintain your low exercise intensity to keep your heart rate at 20 less than 80% of your MHR for one minute.

6. After a minute of low intensity exercise, kick it in again to raise your heart rate to 80% of your MHR.

7. Continue this pattern, alternating between a high intensity interval for one minute and a low intensity interval for one minute for as long as you like.

8. Finish your interval based workout with a one to two minute, low intensity cool down.

Usually twenty minutes of interval based cardiovascular exercise is enough to keep your metabolism pumping, to lose weight, and to keep your heart in good condition. You should experiment with the frequency and length of your interval based training. Put yourself a cardiovascular exercise schedule for two weeks, perhaps working out for 20 minutes on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Weigh yourself at the beginning of your schedule and again at the end. If, while maintaining a healthy diet, you have not lost weight, try increasing the length or frequency of your cardiovascular workouts. You should see a weight loss difference; if you don't you need to change your routine until you get on a steady fat loss track. With some experimentation, you will find your way to obtaining a slim, athletic body.


Ceiling fans are one of the best ways you can lower your electricity bill

Ceiling fans are one of the best ways you can lower your electricity bill. They can cool entire rooms with very little electricity, far less then even the most efficient air conditioner could do. Ceiling fans come in a variety of designs from simple to very complex designs. With so many designs to choose from, you can find the perfect ceiling fan for any room in your home, some have lighting attached to them, and there are also simple kits that attach to most ceiling fans to add a light fixture to them. There is almost no disadvantage to installing a ceiling fan in your home, not only will it cool the room down but ceiling fans are so energy efficient now that they cost almost nothing to install. Ceiling fans are also so much better for the environment then air conditions, so with all the good that can come from them why not put one in every room in your home?

The simplest and least expensive ceiling fans can be turned on and off by pulling a cord on the light, or flipping a light switch. Upgraded models usually have a dimmer for the light or even a remote control, to change the fan speed and the lighting. One of the most common mistakes when purchasing a ceiling fan is getting a remote that doesnt work with it. Most remotes are universal, but specific ceiling fans sometimes call for a specific brand of remote control. All ways keep that in mind theres nothing worse then coming home with a remote that doesnt work for your new fan. More and more ceiling fan companies are now coming out with universal remotes, so that problem may be coming to an end, but its defiantly still something to double check when buying your new fan.

Most ceiling fans come in 3 speeds, although newer models may offer 4 or more speeds. While ceiling fans are frequently used to keep certain areas cool, most also offer the option of reversing the fans motion to distribute heat in colder months. Ceiling fans may have three, four or five blades, sometimes called paddles. These blades commonly range in size from just over two feet long to a little over four feet long. The size and number of blades needed is dependent upon the size of the room the fan will cool, more blades will push more air for a bigger room. Larger rooms will want a fan with more paddles on it, just to make sure that there is enough airflow around the house. Getting a ceiling fan that is to small to cool the room that it is isn t going to do you any good. Be sure when you want to buy ceiling fans you shop around first. You should be able to find an adequate fan for around 200$, or a luxurious one for 400 500$. Pricing all depends on the features you want, how many paddles, and how fancy that the fan looks.


Outdoor lights and their selection are a significant purchase

Outdoor lights and their selection are a significant purchase; outdoor lights are forms of lighting that play an equal role in importance when compared to the act of shopping for indoor lighting, lamps, lighting fixtures, and ceiling lights. When choosing landscape lighting, far more than the price associated with outdoor lighting must be taken into consideration and reviewed. Purchasing landscape lighting gives homeowners a way to both protect and accentuate the exterior of the home.

What styles of landscape lighting do consumers have to select from? How can a homeowner discover adequate lighting options for the interior and exterior of their homes? The lighting options presented to consumers today is only limited by ones imagination! Outdoor lights include walkway lights, rustic lighting, and specialized area accentuating lights, garden lights, porch lights, and outdoor light fixtures which can enhance every area outside of a homes exterior. From making it bright in the evening hours for safe passage from extended driveways to the indoors, or from making the exterior of the home beautiful for evening gatherings, outdoor lighting gives homeowners unique and fundamental outdoor accessory options.

Specialty landscape lighting that proves quite popular are the solar garden and pathway varieties. Requiring no special wiring, solar lighting relies on sun energies to light up specified areas. For homeowners looking to go green with outdoor lighting options, solar lighting is certainly an avenue to pursue.

Prices for landscape lighting and security lighting will vary according to the type, style, manufacturer, branding, and quantity ordered. Comparatively shopping for outdoor light options on the Internet can save homeowners quite a bit in terms of a lighting investment. Convenient shopping for lighting without travel, as well as ease of access and simplified shipping methods make shopping for outdoor lights as well as ceiling lights, and lamps a far simpler endeavor than ever imagined.


It is a copper aluminium phosphate

Turquoise is an opaque mineral and one of the oldest gemstone with a color array ranging from sky blue to grey green.

It is a copper aluminium phosphate, obtaining its blue color from copper and green being created by iron and precise amount of chrome. It often exhibits blotches or veins in brown, light grey or black colors, the color being dependent on the origin of the stone. These patterns are referred to as Turquoise Matrix.

The stunning sky blue color of the turquoise is an evergreen vogue in gemstone jewelry.  The stone is often witnessed in antique gemstone necklaces. The best quality turquoises are of a bright radiant sky-blue color with or without its fine, regular matrix. The more the stone color tends towards green and more blotchy and irregular matrix the stone displays, lesser will be the value it commands.

The best quality turquoises in utmost beauty of a splendid light blue color come from Iran. Well known supplies of turquoise are also got from deposits in USA, Mexico, Israel, Afghanistan and China.

Turquoise is rarely ever faceted. It is generally cut in cabochons or beads for use in gemstone jewelry. Turquoise beads are often seen in gemstone necklaces and gemstone bracelets.

Due to its soft, sensitive character, owing to a hardness of 6, it is usually treated with wax to harden the stone. The best quality turquoises are no exemption to this treatment. This makes it more resistant. Irrespective of the treatment given, any gemstone jewelry facet that holds a turquoise needs protection from cosmetics, heat and bright light.

Despite its fragility, the stone continues to be a high priced possession and never seems to go out of fashion.

For thousands of years, the stone was regarded as holy and a bringer of good fortune. Since times immemorial, turquoise has been worn, often in form of gemstone rings, as natural protection against darkness. It is thought to be responsible for faithfulness and constancy in relationships.,-a-brainchild-of-Modi


The first step in getting your house ready for viewing is cleaning

While the xafs is slow, you might need all the help you can get selling your house. In order to sell your house, not only do the buyers need to want it, they need to want it more than all the other houses around you. It is imperative to have a clean, inviting and exciting home for buyers to view.

The first step in getting your house ready for viewing is cleaning. Not only do you need to perform a deep clean of every room in the house, but you need to move a lot of your stuff out. A smart way to go about this would be to get a storage unit for all of the extra clutter while your house is on the xafs. You want your buyer to see your house, not your stuff. Once you think your home is clean, let your realtor walk though and critique your space, they might see something that you dont.

After the initial cleaning process is through, asses the arrangement of your home. For best results, make each room seem open and bright. Dark small spaces dont give the viewer much hope for creating it their own. With an open space, the buyer can fantasize about how their furniture will look in your house. Keeping curtains opened and lights on can help with these things. Move your furniture around if you need to, or even remove some pieces if a room is too crowded. Make sure there are clear pathways between rooms, creating easily accessible paths for your buyer to wander through the house.

Consider how each room smells, light candles or place air fresheners in rooms or hallways to make your home smell inviting. Careful not to go overboard with scent however, as some people might have an aversion to them. Keep extra light bulbs around to make sure that there is never a dark light when a buyer flips a switch. Make sure trash cans are emptied and the bathrooms are fully stocked with toilet paper in case a buyer needs to use the restroom while viewing your house.

First impressions are key, which means the areas you should attend to most are the front yard, porch and front room. Make sure that all of your plants are groomed, your porch is clear of clutter and dirt, and your front room is immaculate. The porch light should work, your door knob should turn easily and a fresh welcome mat is always a nice touch.

You have made your home perfectly inviting, now its time to size up your competition. Look at the other houses for sale around you. Make sure that you keep up with them. You house needs to look the best if you want to sell quickly. While having homes for sale around you might bring in more viewers, it can be detrimental to your listing if they look better. Let your realtor know when you see other houses on the xafs, and they can get your tours and information on your competitors. Keep up with advertising and pictures of your beautiful home, and hopefully buyers will be flocking to your property.


There are at least fifteen major brands promoting air purifiers

There are at least fifteen major brands promoting air purifiers. Below you will find condensed air purifier reviews for four of the most popular brands:

Oreck Air Purifiers
The Oreck Super Air 8 Air Purifier uses four different technologies to clear your air. The pre-filter catches large particles such as dust and pollen. The charcoal filter captures some of the smaller particles and chemicals that irritate the eyes and throat. Then the electrostatic precipitator electronically charges small particles with a negative ion, and immediately a collector plate magnetically grips the charged particles. Simultaneously, the Oreck air purifier generates negative ions and sends them out into the air, causing pollutants to drop right out of the air.

Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers
The Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP uses a combination of electrostatic precipitator, negative ion generator, and an ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light is a new improvement to the unit, which works to kill bacteria and viruses. The Ionic Breeze air purifier generates high amounts of harmful ozone, so make sure you place the unit at least two to ten feet away from your bed and furniture.

Hunter Air Purifiers
The Hunter Quietflo 3400 and the Hunter HEPAtech 30375 both use a carbon prefilter to capture large air pollutants. They both come equipped with a Change Filter light to minimize guesswork. Either can be operated manually or set on a timer. The 30375 includes a built-in ion generator.

Austin Air Purifiers
Austin Air offers five types of air purifiers. They come in two sizes: 15 pounds (the 400 series) and 6 pounds (the 200 series). They use a carbon and zeolite prefilter in combination with a HEPA filter. It is a sturdy-looking machine made of metal, for those who are sensitive to the smell of plastic.

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